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Teach a Teacher 

OJW's new Teach a teacher programme has arrived!

We at OJW are pleased to be able to offer our Kingdom insights to those involved in leading groups, large or small. This is a 10 week programme of individual, face-to-face, Tutorials organised with Founder Mike Endicott and the Teach a Teacher team, and currently offered through the medium of either FaceTime or Zoom. If you are currently leading in a church, or are interested in introducing a group of any size, inside or outside your church, to the idea of discovering the principles behind Kingdom life you will realise that it is essential to be well prepared for the group you lead. If so then this programme is for you.  It is made up of individual tutorials.

 It is open to everyone leading groups (or planning to lead any group) both large and small. These Tutorials will help you prepare.  To find out more, please contact Nick Hawkins ( and let him know where you are, your email address and the context, and he will then pass this on to Mike who will then have an introductory chat with you and then hopefully we can register you for this programme. 


The Programme Syllabus covers the nature and restorative purposes of the Kingdom of God and our role within it; 


* Expectancy: our expectations of the kingdom’s nearness 

* Persistence: the need to press on to make straight the way of the Lord. 

* Humility: the need for our humility before God 

* Authority: the Great Commission 

* Power: the message of the cross 

* Sonship: building a working partnership with God through Jesus Christ. 


We spread this programme over ten weekly Tutorials on a day/time by mutual agreement with Mike and the team to suit both parties. The Syllabus may well be changed a bit as we progress together, to fit the best way forward for your situation. We are all learning as we go. 


A full copy of the Syllabus, together with a set of short videos introducing each individual subject, is supplied to each student at the end of the programme. This way you will be armed and equipped to be a comfortable group leader of any sized group being encouraged to rediscover kingdom healing and the power of the message of the cross. 

(Paul) “I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of everything we share in the love of Christ.” (Philemon 1) 


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