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OJW Mission Kingdom

Raising Awareness of the Kingdom of God Worldwide

Mike writes…..


‘This is the beginning of a journey from wherever you are, spiritually, towards being a self-confident, knowledgeable and effective witness to the presence and glory of God.’


For more information on all of our current mission projects go to:


A growing video playlist on the Kingdom of God today is up and running with our new You Tube Channel at:


Mike writes….’This is a whole fresh and Biblical view of Christianity seen from the Kingdom angle, the miraculous Kingdom angle that builds a close working relationship between you and the one and only God. He wants to be near us and in friendship with us, to save us and those around us from places he doesn’t want us to be in!  Study the ‘Kingdom’ and a freshly divine relationship and working partnership between God and you begins to grow!’


This channel will also include video playlists from other current and ‘historic’ OJW mission initiatives.


[The original ‘Kingdom Walker’ You Tube Channel can still be found at:   ]


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