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The Audio

Welcome to the OJW audio collection. Here you will find a selection of seminars and conference talks given by Reverend Mike Endicott. These audio captures are free to download and enjoy!

Reverend Mike Endicott explores different "sticks" in the Bible and their relevance to our prayer lives.

Reverend Mike Endicott explores the three occasions in the Gospels where Jesus heals “at a distance” and how to be an effective Kingdom walker, explaining his estuary vision

10 talks by Reverend Mike Endicott following on from his time in retreat on Bardsey Island off the coast of the Lleyn Peninsula, North Wales, UK.

4 talks by Reverend Mike Endicott in the USA in 2015.

Reverend Mike Endicott explores in depth the biblical basis for healing and restoration.

Reverend Mike Endicott gives a talk in 3 parts about “The Kingdom of God and Healing the Sick” in a Pub in Puncheston in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.

3 talks given at the OJW Annual Gathering in Presteigne, Wales, UK in Summer 2015.

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